Our Fact Checking Policy-

1. Selecting a claim to debunk

Drajchowk News continuously monitors social media and mainstream media for incorrect and/or dubious information. Our sources for topics include Speeches and tweets of politicians and officials in positions of authority and Claims made by political parties and their leaders via their social media pages.

Provocative hashtags are promoted by media to influence public opinion in favor of a political party or leader. Social media suspect list. For social media, we have compiled a comprehensive list of pages, groups, accounts, and websites which we routinely check for false information.

We monitor them closely on a real-time basis. We also directly get in touch with politicians and the main leaders. Messages from social media users on Facebook and Twitter bring claims to our attention for fact-checking.

Given the volume of fake claims that are circulating on any given day, Drajchowk News makes a selection of which ones to debunk. The following parameters are considered for the selection of topics we write on: How viral is the claim (extent, reach, and spread)

Source of the claim (who shared it? A prominent politician? A verified account or not?) Nature of the claim (Is it provocative? Can it lead to violence or physical harm to individuals?)

2. Updating the articles

Information is often dynamic, as a result of which stories have to be constantly updated. Drajchowk News keeps an eye out for relevant news and updates its articles so as to provide readers with the latest and the most accurate information.

We continuously take an eye on such news and matter for follow-up. In the event of an error on our part, we are prompt in acknowledging and correcting it.