Hello Peeps, therefore, we are returning here again with the latest trending news that is leaked throughout the internet, therefore, have a look at that the insights that are collected by our team, a clip is becoming a web sensation on the web were quite possibly the most famous activist & artist named Lutfullah Niazi shooter his naked clip & shared it on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp

Lutfullah Niazi Latest Leaked Viral Video

So we are talking about the DG Narcotics Punjab Lutfullah Niazi Released Viral Clip with Lala Musa Government College Advocate named Syeda Tabassum has been moving via online media on 9th July 2021 that is Friday not long after the Usman Mirza Islamabad Occurrence, which has been the moving concept this week.

Therefore in the released viral clip, the Chief General DG Narcotics Punjab Lutfullah Niazi could be witnessed bathing with Lala Musa Government School Advocate Syeda Tabassum, and later after some time video is going viral like a fire on social media. Whereas It’s anything but regarding the personal clips

Lutfullah Niazi & Advocate Syeda Tabassum Leaked Video

Therefore right now there are not many insights belongs to how the released viral clip of DG Narcotics Punjab Lutfullah Niazi & Lala Musa Government School Advocate Syeda Tabassum began circling on the web.

DG Narcotics Punjab Lutfullah Niazi & Lala Musa Government School Advocate Syeda Tabassum could be observed entirely exposed following the giving making love each other uninhibitedly whereas shooting the clip, which wound up getting spilled via web-based media.

Who is Lutfullah Niazi? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family

When we talk about the DG Narcotics Punjab Lutfullah Niazi, so he is from Madras, Chennai, He took birth in this world on 25 November 1916, When talking about his father so his father served for the South Indian Railway, When he was a youth he moved to Hyderabad to finding out some work for him, He completed his schooling in Madras only, and pursuing the degree of Bachelor’s in Arts, Later in the year 1938 he traveled to Mumbai to served as rationing board under British Industries, On 17th October 1947 he traveled to Pakistan and become a permanent resident in a Karachi, whereas he worked in the advertising industry staying in this business for longer than 50 years.

Moreover, we couldn’t post the DG Narcotics Punjab viral clip as the delicate idea of the clip. In any case, the topic is moving via online media, particularly on social media platforms like Twitter & messaging app WhatsApp.

According to Drajchowk.in, no other information and details are coming in front of us, As our team is trying to contact our sources to get some more details on this incident, as soon as we get we will update it on the same page so till then bookmark our website for future, and stay tuned with us.


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